Thursday, July 23, 2009

Prepare to Be Bored

I've finally completed the first repeat of the Celtic Knot Stole. How long has it been? Three weeks? Four? Anyway, here it is --

As you can see, these are not teensy tiny repeats. Each one is almost 100 rows long, and there are four of them. I don't expect the next three to take quite so long as the first. The knitting goes faster as I become more familiar with the pattern and the thread (oops, sorry, yarn). And hopefully I will not again need to tink 15 rows of laceweight. That was soooo not fun.

But still . . . I don't foresee any stimulating and exciting blog posts in the near future. In two weeks or so, if I'm lucky, there will be the halfway point, and then we have the thrill of the third repeat, and, well, you see where this is going.

The borders should be interesting though. That's where we take those invisibly caston stitches that have been vacationing on the cable and do fun stuff ("fun" being defined as "something I have never done before and don't know how to do").

In the meantime, however, take a seat on the Ho-Hum Express and fasten your seat belt.