Monday, March 12, 2012

Fiber Art

One of our local community colleges recently had an exhibit of "fiber arts." Of course I had to go take a look at it. And was I ever glad I did!

It was a small exhibit, no more than 30-40 different items. But the stars were the quilts. Although I don't quilt and know next to nothing about quilting, I've always enjoyed visiting quilt exhibitions. It's so intriguing to see what quilters can do with both traditional designs and innovative approaches. But I've NEVER seen any like these.

This one is called "Behind the Line" and it was created in response to the Oklahoma City bombing.

Check out all the different fabrics used to create this child's face.

And this one.

This quilt is called "Isle of Dreams Revisited."

If you love blues and greens, this one – "Cool Blue: Depth Perception" – will be your favorite.

And a fish closeup. Isn't it amazing how the stitching creates both the plants and the water swirls as well?

The artist is Alice Beasley, and she has her own website if you wish to do some more drooling.

There was one other work of art that was not exactly fiber, but definitely crafty. This life-sized lady is made entirely of wee tiny beads.

Here's a closeup of a symbol from her upper right arm. Can you imagine how long it took to create the entire . . . um . . . sculpture? I like it. Don't know why, maybe it's the playful aspect.