Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Actual Knitting Content

I have finished an actual knitting project, an event that has not occurred for quite some time. Nothing terribly impressive -- just a pair of socks -- but I'm counting it.

The pattern is called "Cable Twist," and I've knit it in various yarns several times before. Definitely one of my faves -- simple but has a nice look. I needed simple. Here's the short version of why.

Having spent a lot of time seeking a new residence (hence no knitting), I found a nice house and moved into it about two months ago. A few weeks later my daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor (benign, but large) and required immediate and extensive brain surgery. She is home now and on the road to recovery, but there have been some hard times. Knitting got me through it. I actually knit most of the first sock while enduring a 10-12 hour stint in the hospital waiting room while the surgery was done. Not a fun day.

It turns out that knitting is also good for the waiting required during the many followup visits, therapy sessions, etc. So I have started yet another pair of socks. This is the "Arrow" pattern from "Sensational Knitted Socks."

I'm enjoying the laciness of this pattern and feeling drawn back toward lace shawls. Fickle Knitter has a book coming out on June 19 with some gorgeous shawls -- "Ballerinas in Pink." I might just buy the book and work my way through it.