Monday, January 14, 2008

The Joy of Monogamy

This would be the project sort of monogamy, of course. Knitting projects only. We're not counting spinning. Or experimenting with crochet. Or investigating brioche stitch. And actually I have not been completely loyal to one project. My knitting time is currently split between the Clock Vest (when I'm feeling docile and non-creative) and the Ribby Knee Socks (when I want to do my own thing).

Amazing isn't it how fast a project can be completed when there is only one project? The first Ribby Knee Sock is done, and I am about a third of the way down the second.

The pattern worked out perfectly. Plain K2P2 ribbing on 80 stitches, with a little 8-stitch calf increase, which then tapers down to K2P1 on 60 stitches at the ankle.

The truly clever part ( I think ) – and I realize one must be a total sock maniac to appreciate it (or even be willing to read about it) – is the transition from the heel to the foot. To keep a P1 on either side of the instep I had to have 31 stitches on the instep and 29 on the heel. But in order to continue the instep pattern to the end of the toe, it would be easiest to have the same number of stitches on front and back. Pondering this dilemma while executing the gusset decreases, I was able to engage a few brain cells. Oh, duh, I now have 31 on the heel, which matches the 31 on the instep. Nothing magic about the number 60. I can eliminate the final decrease and proceed with 62 stitches. I'll switch to #0 needles. That will do the trick.

The other excitement was the yarn supply. Or lack, thereof. I had only two skeins of Wildfoote in Dark Carmel. But I thought it would be okay. Wildfoote has really good yardage; I've used it before and normally have tons left over. Using a coordinating multi for the cuff, heel, and toe, I should just about make it. And I did. Just. I ran out of solid color a bit below the toe. So the toe is a little longer than it might otherwise have been.

Once the second sock is completed and the pair has had their photo shoot -- complete with heel and toe close-ups, of course -- I believe I'll revert to knitting regular socks for a while. Might even follow a pattern. Or not.


Lucia said...

Those are stunning.

And, speaking of stunning, after your comment I had to use the phaser on Conan again. He does get overwrought.

beverlyanne said...

Wool Enough:
These socks look amazing. The photo of the finished knee sock is also pretty amazing. If it is your own pattern, you should send it to Knitty.

Thank you for taking the trouble to comment on Folk Shawls. No question, you should get the book, even if just for the serenely beautiful pictures. I need to get Folk Vests.

I see from your profile that we have something in common: Austen and Dickens. But my favorite 19 c. Brit is Trollope. Ian McEwan strongly reminds me of Trollope.