Sunday, February 3, 2008

Back From the Frog Pond -- and Another FO

The Lorna's Laces 'Shadow' has returned from the Frog Pond with a new pattern. It's Cross-Stitch Block from "More Sensational Knitted Socks," and I think its going to work out well. I cast on 64 stitches, which seemed like a lot, but on 2.0mm needles it's fine. I knit these few inches, had a try-on, and put this project officially into WIP status.

I put the socklet onto a blocker for the pic to show off the pattern, which is extremely cool. It's a very easy knit – 14 rounds, with only one that is at all tricky. That's the round where you take stitches that have been slipped for the past 4 rounds and cross them to make those nifty little X's.

And in other breaking news ------ Both Ribby Kneesocks are finished. Here's the proof (in classic "toes up" position).

And, of course, we need a close-up of the foot to show off the lovely ribbing that continues all the way down to the very end of the toe.

And from the back we have – increases and decreases for the calf.

I'm not sure how well these socks are going to stay up. In theory, all that ribbing should do the job. But in practice – well, they feel less snug than the Aslan Kneesocks. A few trips through the wash and a bit of jumping up and down will tell the tale. And if they don't perform, I have plenty of the multi-colored yarn with which to make a snug add-on cuff, as I did for the Clock Stockings.

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beverlyanne said...

Hi Wool Enough,

Congratulations on retrieving an object from the frog pond.
Thank you for your comment on Bandersnatch. I put the pattern up today. It ppops up from a link on my blog.