Friday, March 7, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

Whilst I was recovering from the flu, Spring arrived on the island.

This hill covered with clover in bloom is the first sign. (The red bits in the middle are wild geranium.) In the East, to my best remembrance, it's crocus and forsythia that mark the approaching end of Winter. Here it's clover.

Then I encountered this lovely blue-purple-white creature along the back road into town. (After huffing my way up a hill that had apparently grown steeper during my illness.)

And across the road, in the shadow of the hill, so low to the ground that I almost missed them, were these tiny lavender star flowers.

A little further along, where the road curves so that the sun shines onto the hillside, I found these little yellow guys.

And all the way along, whenever there was cactus clinging to the steepest and driest parts of the hill, these purple blossoms waved in the wind on their tall, thin stems. They're not part of the cactus; just seem to prefer the same environment.

Yet more yellow flowers. These are part of a bush that mostly prefers the higher bits of the hillside. But this one had condescended to grow close enough to the road to allow me to get a picture.

I didn't recognize any of the flowers I saw (other than the clover and geranium), but this has GOT to be some sort of daisy. Don't you think?

That's the end of the nature walk. I hope this will give a boost to all who are still surrounded by cold white snow and ice.


Delighted Hands said...

Glad you are feeling better! Thanks for taking us on a walk with you! The tall, purplish flower is a lupine-common in our garden when growing up in Central NY; the beauty of all the pics was uplifting-it is a cold, gloomy, rainy day in NE GA today while visiting grandkids!

beverlyanne said...

You're killing me! Today it was 22 degrees F in Chicago and there were snow flurries. This winter has been relentless. It's not always this bad. Photos are gorgeous. And thanks for the button shop URLS.

D said...

Thanks for the wildflower tour. I really miss spring on the island. Let me see, if memory serves:

#3 is called Shooting Stars
#4 is Wild Mustard
#5 Blue Dick
#6 Scotch Broom ( a nasty invasive )

Hope this is helpful.