Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Snicket Socks Are Finished!

These socks were a slow knit, probably because almost every round has stitches being moved left, right, behind, in front, etc. But they were fun – tremendous fun. Now I understand why some socknitters get fixated on a specific pattern and keep knitting in up in different yarns. It's taking all my willpower to refrain from casting on another pair of Snickets right away. Anyway, here they are ---

The designer is Sabine Riefler, and the pattern, which came from the now extinct Magknits, is available as a free download from Ravelry. For those who do not belong to Ravelry, Sabine's website would be a good place to encourage her to make the pattern available outside of Ravelry. My Snickets are in Knitpicks Essential Tweed, bare. Ravelry has about 150 other pairs, knit in every yarn you could imagine.

I only changed two little details. The original pattern features a short-row heel and a plain toe. Since short-row heels don't fit me well, I did a traditional flap-and-gusset heel, continuing the pattern down onto the heel flap. Same thing on the toe. There's a point in the design where both diamonds are of equal sizes (K2,P4 becomes K1,P2,K1P2), and that's the moment to "continue in pattern as established" as so many knitting patterns like to say (often to my vast confusion).

I'm really happy with these socks; they fit well, look cute, and go with everything. Next on the sock needles will be the Smooshy Chinatown Apple, which has been quietly recovering from our miscommunications of last month.


Leigh said...

I love the pattern and would love to knit them. I checked out Sabine's blog and noted several other mouth watering patterns of hers, also on Ravelry. Until now I haven't been tempted to join Ravelry, but my resolve may be weakening.

Luni said...

I agree. I like those socks, and the tweedy yarn was a great choice for them. I'll have to look at that pattern.

Delighted Hands said...

Why resist the urge to start another pair right away?!! They are beautiful and it would be exciting to see them develop in another colorway!

Marjorie said...

Those are really nice. I've been thinking about designing a pair of socks, just for the challenge, and I've wanted some sort of cable to "pull in" and keep the socks up (some looser patterns don't do that on my ankle). A stitch pattern like that one is something I should definitely look into.