Friday, June 20, 2008

Fog on Friday

It's the time of year we generally label as "June gloom," which sometimes arrives after an extended period of "May gray." One of the joys of living by the ocean when temperatures are changing. On my morning walk over the hill, which began in bright sunshine, a change of wind direction brought this lovely stuff drifting into the canyon below.

It kept right on coming, filling the entire canyon and blanketing the town.

By noon it was gone, and we were all moaning about the heat. Come back, fog! Come back!


Delighted Hands said...

We are a contrary group aren't we?! When we lived in NY, people crabbed about the weather-they had good reason; now in sunny FL, the people still crab about the weather and they don't have a good reason-it makes us laugh-you caught your fog in a beautiful pic-good job.

Luni said...

It does look like an entity, doesn't it. Too bad it doesn't come when you call it.
Lately, I've noticed that local weathercasters in different areas use different terms to describe their rather unique weather. I like the term "marine layer". It makes me think of sailboats and the sea, rather than fog.