Sunday, September 21, 2008

Notice Anything Different?

Why, yes, I am wearing new threads. Orange accents liven up the old gray tones, don'tcha think? It's only temporary, though. Those are my safety lines. You see, as my rows have become longer (I'm a triangular shawl, you know), my knitter has become more and more paranoid about mistakes. She puts in a safety line every ten rows. And when we get to the next section (the one with the n--ps), I bet she'll be doing it every other row. Novice lace knitters are such nervous types.

She has finally finished those Staggered Lace Socks, so now she can devote all her attention to me. The socks are okay; they were pleasant companions in the work basket. But, really -- can mere socks ever compare in beauty and elegance to a SHAWL?

I think the knitter is planning to buy me some new needles too. She's been mumbling about moving up to #8's for the edging. And I think I heard "full set" and "circs" and "Harmony" -- something like that.


Sharon said...

I just learned about safety lines in lace knitting last Saturday. I think it's a great idea. But then I'm a newbie lace knitter. I guess I fit the profile, eh.

Leigh said...

I'm a newbie lace knitter too. My one experience (which is still a UFO) was frustrating. That was before I learned about safety lines. I'll have to get it out again after Christmas and try it again.

Your productivity amazes me!

Delighted Hands said...

Oh, what a great idea......wished I knew about it sooner! I am conquering the round lace shawl-you are encouraging me to keep going! I LOVE the 'mere' socks btw!

Luni said...

Lifelines are great, especially for sections with n'ps and the like! I'm getting more tempted to knit that shawl, though I might sub beads for the n'ps.
I'll be waiting to see how yours looks when it is done.

Marjorie said...

Nice post. I like the lace pattern, and the socks turned out very well.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Wow! A complete set of Harmony needles. I'm green with envy. I only have a couple of pairs that I knit socks with and love them.