Tuesday, August 12, 2008

As The Wool Turns

You know those soap operas you can return to after weeks of absence and the same characters are still struggling with the same situations? Well, that's how my fiber life is going.

The second Panda Foot sock is underway, rather more than halfway to the heel. Just chugging along. No excitement here.

And the second Staggered Lace sock is also underway, although not so far along.

And remember this shawl? Uh-huh, still knitting. I've finished another 64-row repeat. Four down, two to go. Completion in September, I'm guessing.

In the spinning department, I have finished another ounce of "Say a Little Prayer" merino. That's two down and SIX to go. At the current rate of progress, I will have four lovely 50-gram, 200-yard skeins sometime next year.

So what do I do for fiber thrills? Heh. Planning and plotting, of course. I definitely have enough Frog Tree Alpaca sportweight for a Swallowtail Shawl, although some changing of colors will be necessary – dark grey, light grey, cream – all good together. Probably on #7 needles. And the Bee Fields Shawl is next on the agenda, but I don't have the yarn yet. Hmmmm, perhaps I can snag some Wollmeise from the Loopy Ewe.


Delighted Hands said...

Gratefully, the only deadlines are the ones we put on ourselves! You are making good progress on the red shawl-it is beautiful! Love the wool on the spindles....so pretty1

Marjorie said...

Maybe it has to do with summer knitting. I feel as if I'm looking at the same bit of work every night, and it seems as if nothing is getting accomplished. I know I'm moving along because I'm on a different pattern row, but the knitting just looks the same. At least you're on to sock #2.

Nancy K. said...

I really do want to knit some socks! I've started several times and even bought Queen Kahuna's (sp?) book. But no socks for me. Will you teach me?

You make it look so easy and your knitting is so lovely. Socks would be a perfect project for me to work on when I'm at work and have frequent interruptions. Or maybe not....?

Just thinkin' outloud.