Monday, August 18, 2008

The Olympics Made Me Do It

I have never finished a second sock so fast.

Yep. We have two Panda Feet. And it's all thanks to the swimmers, rowers, divers, fencers, equestrians, runners, bicyclists, and gymnasts that kept me entertained all weekend. Wow! And apparently some new sports have been added since I last viewed the Olympics. We now have a trampoline event. Extremely cool. And Beach Volleyball. I used to think that was just people playing volleyball in the sand. Nope. It's an official Sport – 2 person teams, national and world championship events, darn exciting to watch.

As a former competitive figure skater (not terribly successful), I've always been a Winter Olympics kind of gal. These are the sports I grew up with. Plenty of snow and ice in those long New England winters. I even had the opportunity to go down the bobsled run at Lake Placid one time (four-man sled with professionals fore and aft and we two trembling amateurs in the middle). Woohoo!!!

But there are a lot more warm-weather sports than cold. And a lot more of the inhabited world that never sees snow. So, I am learning to love the Summer Olympics (except for Water Polo; I can never see who is doing what).


~ Phyllis ~ said...

I like your socks. The colors are really nice. I've been watching a good bit of the Olympics also. They do seem to motivate us to knit and spin faster. I've been enjoying the track, swimming and equestrian.
That bobsled run sounds awesome .
I agree I think they've added several new events.

Delighted Hands said...

Now, if we can just get knitting added as and event!

Socks are beautiful-good job!

Luni said...

The Olympics are inspiring, aren't they? Hours of entertainment, and socks to boot!

Kath said...

I think it's cute that after all this time in SoCal it took the Olympics for you to see beach volleyball for the first time. :)

But you never told me about the bobsled run!

beverlyanne said...

The Pandas are very cute. I'm doing an Olympic challenge project, but I cna't bring myself to watch the Olympics. (very un-sports oriented except for the Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan.)

Sharon said...

Love your socks and especially like your sock stretchers. I really need to find some so mine look as cool as your's.

Boy, have you ever migrated far from home. How funny since I grew up not far from where you are now and knew that I wanted to live where the Christmas cards came from by the time I was nine.

Marjorie said...

The socks look great.

For me it is the swimming events that are always so captivating, but they hinder my knitting because I want to just stare at the TV.

Lucia said...

I can't figure out water polo either, but my two favorite spectator sports are figure skating and gymnastics, so I'm happy in all seasons. I've actually learned to love beach volleyball too, although if you ask me they always show way too much of that and not enough three-day eventing. Or fencing. Or flinging of various strange objects.