Thursday, November 15, 2007

Construction Zone

The newest naked yarn has been joined by a sibling (more Columbia Dorset). Plying is underway.

It's taking rather longer than I had anticipated. I've never kept a precise count of how many hours it takes to spin or ply a particular quantity (too depressing), but I think it took about two hours the last time I plied a two-ounce skein. So, in theory, this four-ounce skein should take about four hours. But I plied for over two hours yesterday and another hour today and I'm not even remotely half-way there. Maybe a quarter done, at best.

And I AM getting faster all the time. I often ply from the upstairs balcony, and with a really good sendoff the spindle will go almost all the way to the ground. My plying spindle is very good-natured too. Unlike some I might mention ('the Bos'), this spindle waits quietly once its work is done while I hoist it up to wind on the yarn. It does NOT immediately begin spinning in the opposite direction.

So, I shall ply and wind until the job is done. At least the weather is warm and sunny--perfect for prancing about on the balcony!

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