Thursday, November 1, 2007

Raving About Ravelry

Ravelry is great! Ravelry is cool! I received my invite a few days ago, after
only a month on the wait list (not bad) and promptly signed up. So far I have
loaded three stash items, one finished project, and three works in progress.
Doesn't sound like much, does it? Well, the joy -- and the pain -- of Ravelry
is the amount of detail you can/should enter for each project. Where did I buy
that yarn that's been sitting in the stash for a year? Um, uh, well, let me
think. Where do I generally buy yarn? Less than a dozen different places.
Usually. Which one was it? And what size needles did I use to knit those
socks? Hmmmm. I think I used #2's for the leg and #1's for the foot. And on
it goes.

The best part, especially for works in progress, is that once the project is
entered, you get a link that shows who else has knit or is knitting the same
pattern. The link leads to photos and descriptions of the knitters and the
projects. Fascinating.

There is a tendency to get sucked in by the glory of it all and neglect one's
knitting and other communications. In fact, I have noticed that some bloggers
-- especially newbies -- cease blogging altogether once they have joined
Ravelry. Naughty! Naughty!

So, I have taken the pledge: this very new blog WILL continue. And I shall
only add one new project per day (well, maybe two) to Ravelry.

Good intentions. Let's see what happens.

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