Monday, November 12, 2007

So Done With That . . . I Think

When I first began knitting socks (April 2005 to be precise), I bought some "sock" yarn under the guidance of the folks at Yarn Lady and some U.S. #2 bamboo DPN's. Armed with a set of directions on 'how to knit a sock' and some absolutely gorgeous Fortissima Socka Colori, I was off to San Miguel de Allende. No problem staying occupied on this plane trip. Knitting around and around, I was amazed to see beautifully colored stripes come flowing off the needles--so lovely that total strangers admired my work. Well, by vacation's end the socks were done--not perfect (a bit too short in the leg, gaps in the gusset, and a truly lumpy Kitchenered toe), but good. And I was enchanted with self-striping yarn.

The second pair I knit in Lion Brand Magic Stripes. Leg length much better this time. And I avoided gusset problems by doing a short-row heel.

Then the adventure of an afterthought heel with some Regia wool/cotton blend. And it was on sale!

Along the way, there was some Lang Color Jacquard, some more Regia, and so on -- stripes, stripes, stripes. Just when I thought I'd never stripe again I encountered Austerman Step, y'know the sock yarn with aloe vera. Yum! And the colors! And the lovely wiiide stripes! So I knit up a skein.

But then it was time to move on. Cable patterns, fair-isle patterns, lacey patterns . . . new adventures in sock knitting. No more stripes. Or so I thought.

Last week while browsing happily through the pages of my favorite sock yarn pushers--The Loopy Ewe and Simply Socks Yarn Company--I happened upon my old friend Austerman Step. New colors! Oh, nice. The blue, and, um, oooo, that green.

So I had a little accident. These things happen. Apparently stripes and I are getting back together.

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