Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Close Encounter With SSS

I have never before had any difficulties with Second Sock Syndrome. I like knitting the first sock of a pair, because there is generally some designing involved. I may have to adapt the pattern to fit the intended feet or perhaps simplify it to better suit a handpainted yarn, or I may be creating my own pattern from scratch. And, of course, I get to decide how I want to handle the heel and the toe. Toes are especially fun; there are so many variations. And then the second sock is just cruising. I do exactly what I did with the first sock (And I do take notes while knitting the first – how many rows from here to there, how many pattern repeats, where to increase or decrease, etc.). The second sock is perfect for TV knitting, no need to stop and deal with design issues.

But this time – with the Aslan Kneesocks – I had a terrible time finishing that second sock. It was so darn long. And I had already surfaced so many problems while creating the first sock that I wanted to forge ahead and start a new pair with a different design. But what use is one sock?

I decided that I would not allow myself to cast on the new pair (Ribby Kneesocks) until I had completed the Aslan pair. I could noodle with the new design on paper, do some calculations, even swatch a bit (although NOT with the actual yarn), but no knitting. That worked. I spent every spare moment knitting on the second sock. Voila! Two kneesocks!

And the reward? Yep! The Ribby Kneesocks are underway. I'm using Brown Sheep Wildfoote, with handpainted "Brown Sugar" for the cuff, heel, and toe, and solid "Dark Carmel" for the body of the sock.

Still on the cuff in this pic. The design feels good so far. I'll start with K2P2, use the Georgia O'Keefe approach for the calf shaping, decrease down to K1P1 at the ankle, and possibly go down a needle size for the ankle and foot as well.

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lora said...

The socks look great. I have so little self control. Most of my favorite sizes of needles are in ufo's right now. I've even moved some onto waste yarn so I would have the needle to test drive another yarn. oh, well. New Year, new resolutions.