Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Girlie Side

Having almost completed the Aslan Knee Socks, I have begun to design the next pair. This time I wanted to avoid using a wide stockinette panel to handle the increases and decreases. Instead, this pair – which I have dubbed the "Ribby Kneesocks" -- would be a kneesock version of the classic K2P2 rib. I simply had to figure out a way to handle the increases/decreases for the calf and then the decreases down to the ankle.

For the calf I envisioned a K2 that increased to K4, then split apart in the middle to make room for a P2, which grew to a P4, and gave birth to a K2 in the middle, for a total increase of 8 stitches. These would then be decreased away in the same manner. So I swatched it.

The swatch didn't turn out as I expected. The final K2 in the middle looks like a little lost worm. Perhaps the final increase could go from P4 to P6, I thought, leaving a more open area in the middle. Less offensive than the worm, but not wonderful. I was knitting along, debating the merits of these two approaches when I happened to lay the swatch on the table wrong side up.

Oh. I'll be hornswoggled. Much better. The increases and decreases look a little ragged, because they were executed on the other side, but . . . I like this shape. It has a sort of Georgia O'Keefe flavor - - more, well, more . . . feminine.

So, the heck with the worm. I think I'll go for the girlie side.

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