Saturday, December 15, 2007

An Outing for the Traveling Sock

The traveling sock has been much neglected. Second of the pair, it was cast on in August and knit upon for several hours while in transit to and from the Santa Monica Fiber Festival. Since then it has languished in its little pouch in my backpack.

On Thursday, it got lucky. Sort of.

Sock and I ventured down to the Laundromat, and it was knitted on for over an hour while the clothes washed and dried. Not terribly scenic, but better than the inside of the pouch. Or so it said.

Encouraged by Thursday's progress, I took Sock with me for a walk along the harbor the next day. We found a sunny bench sheltered from the wind, knit, and enjoyed the view. More progress was made – almost down to the heel. We're both excited.

The first sock was completed long ago. It graciously posed for this photo to remind me of its beauty and to encourage me to finish sock #2. The pattern is "Stems" from "More Sensational Knitted Socks" and the yarn is Sock! from Lisa Souza in the Spanish Moss colorway.

I did a six-gore toe, which I really like with this pattern.

The ribbing is K1P1, which lines up nicely with the five-stitch lacy stems that are separated by one purl stitch. But I wish that I had twisted the K1's. I think it would have given the top a better definition and emphasized the way the ribbing flows into the leg pattern.

Soon, the traveling sock will join its twin, and they will socialize with all the other pairs in the sock drawer. And I will cast on another traveling sock.

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