Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hardly Worth It

The Stealth Socks are finished, and I am quite pleased with them. Here they are lounging on the patio.

So what are my complaints about this pattern? Well, none really. It's all my own fault. Had I taken the trouble to purchase 2.50mm (U.S. #1.5) needles, the knitting would have gone smoothly. But instead I had to switch to 2.75mm's for the cable twist, because 2.25mm's, which were just right for the rest of the sock, pulled the cable in too tight. The mental acuity required to swap needles back and forth put this project right out of the mindless knitting category.

And the other issue? Well, the pattern said that you could twist the cables on both socks in the same direction or you could mirror them. Always ready to do things the hard way, I mirrored them. Two cable twists down the second sock, I realized that crossing this particular cable in front was considerably more awkward than crossing it in back. Decision time – frog 25 rounds? Or grit teeth and forge on? Yeah, I forged on. Such needless suffering too. If you look really, really hard at the picture on the left you can just discern the cables on each leg going in a different direction. Someone would have to grab my foot and use a magnifying glass to see the mirroring effect.

Anyway, the yarn is good, the color is good, the cables are good, and the suffering is over. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned here. Maybe the most difficult way is not always the best way. Who knew?


Delighted Hands said...

I am having a good laugh with you......sometimes it is good to stand back and just shake our heads! They turned out beautifully and you can smile to yourself each time you wear them remembering their story!

Sharon said...

Well the socks certainly photograph well and look great with jeans. I know what you mean about "worth it" but at that moment I adopt my grandmother's point - "Who's going to notice that on a galloping horse?" You did a great job and any difference will never be noticed by anyone but the knitter.

Marjorie said...

I really like that pattern. I suppose it isn't much of a consolation, but I too would have mirrored the cables. I know that no one would notice it, but I would know.

Luni said...

Hmph! I totally disagree with you. The mirrored cables really stand out. I'd say they make those socks something extraordinary.

And I've been thinking mirroring wasn't worth it.

Great socks!

fruskovgaard said...

I totally agree with Luni, the mirrored effect is a wonderful detail, and IF somebody were to grab both your feet, they would say:
"Look what a nice detail on those socks, isn't that a mirrored pattern?"

They are lovely

Sheila said...

I like the cabling on the socks. And yes, it is hard for some of us to learn that harder is not always better.